Erotic Women In Erotic Book Celebrating Female Body, Sensuality, Erotica

“Erotic Book” for women, for men who love women, erotic literature made seductive. Artist-photographer, novelist Sheldon Filger, expert in fine art erotic photography, explains through erotic art ideas the nature of erotic girls bodies, leading to new pathways towards appreciating women as physically and spiritually erotic. Sheldon Filger's erotic photographic art (click here) provided him with insights on the erotic woman's body, for women and men, which he shares in “Erotic Book.”

“Erotic Book” uplifts eroticism while demolishing myths. "Erotic Book" offers a fresh, exhilarating perspective on the sensuality and beauty of the bodies of women. Sheldon Filger, author of this amazing book, provides readers of "Erotic Book" with insights and stories on what aspects of the physicality of women actually arouse men, and why almost every woman potentially possesses an intensely erotic body. "Erotic Book" rebels against the objectification of women as mere girls with a collection of body parts, and presents an understanding of female sensuality that integrates the feminine mind with the feminine body, creating a transcending erotic presence. A uniquely candid book about the erotic woman's body.
Sheldon's Filger's astonishing stories explore exciting new territory in erotica literature and books. Separating real men and women from mere boys and girls, “Erotic Book” presents colorful anecdotes and stories, building a healthy and fulfilling understanding on what is erotic about the bodies of women.

Erotic Book is available directly from the publisher (click below) and at many online bookstores, including, Barnes& and

"A poetic hymn to the female body"

"This slim book is not just a delightful account of the female body, but a passionate hymn to the beauty of woman. Intensely sensuous, but not pornographic at all, it lovingly examines and exalts all the components of her body, underlining their significance from an aesthetic and erotic viewpoint.
It should be required reading for all photographers and painters alike as an introduction to the appreciation of the female body.
Art teachers had better leave anatomy manuals on the bookshelves from time to time and refer to this book as they teach life drawing classes, to arouse the students' genuine interest in what they are drawing."

Augusto Balossino, Italian artist based in Rome

Women and men have long suffered from false stereotypes and stories about what is truly erotic about the bodies of women. “Erotic Book” presents the literature of truth about the erotic. It is a book that breaks down myths and stereotypes, while shining the spotlight on what is inherently erotic about the female body.

“Erotic Book” tackles false generalizations about what is sensual and beautiful concerning the female body. As a conspicuous example, the erroneous canard that only girls with large breasts are erotic to men is torn asunder. In this eye-opening book, the author shares stories and experiences based on his erotic art nude photography of women, explaining what is in fact erotic about the breasts of women in the eyes of most men. Women who have long suffered under the popular myth that size is what determines if their breasts are erotic, will be surprised and delighted at what “Erotic Book” reveals. Women who may be considering breast augmentation surgery should read “Erotic Book” first, and save themselves an unnecessary ordeal.

“Erotic Book” reveals erotic secrets about the bodies of women. The erotic physicality of girls is described and explored, with wisdom and insightful stories, in this uplifting book. Men and women will find this book to be an eye opening reading experience, leading to much greater sensual fulfillment through a deeper understanding of what is erotic about the remarkable and beautiful bodies of women.

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